• Open alpha – no more invite codes required!
  • Guest mode
Bug fixes & improvements:

  • A few UI fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing new players and guests to spawn in walls.


  • New Apparel (Hats & 2 hair types)
Bug fixes & improvements:

  • UI improvements.
  • Other minor fixes & improvements.

– Added new tile type: Platform.

– Added the missing Rocket Launcher explosion.

– Added the missing Fire Bullets Powerup icon.

Minor changes:

– Changed Swimmable (Water…) behaviour, you will now be forced to swim. (no floor walking under water)

Bug fixes & improvements:

– Fixed Mass Sleep sleeping the powerup picker.

– Fixed Sprint giving more movement speed every pickup.

– A lot of other minor bug fixes & code improvements.


– New Weapon: Rocket Launcher.

– New Powerup: Fire Bullets. (does not apply to Rocket Launcher)

– Added new Apparel. (including yellow shoes, as requested by Blaze, one of our testers)

Minor changes:

– Sprint powerup will now increase all types of movement. (buffed from run only)

– Holding Pistol weapon will now cause you to move faster. (10% with pistol mastery otherwise 5%; all types of movement)

Bug fixes & improvements:

– Fixed a bug causing some players to not be able to join levels.

– Fixed a bug sometimes causing corpses to fall down ignoring collision.

– Improved Powerup, Weapon & Bullet code.

– Other minor fixes and improvements.


– Weapon Mastery added.

Bug fixes & improvements:

– Fixed Lava, Acid & Trampoline tiles.

– Mastery & Apparel UI improvements.

Bug fixes & improvements:

– Fixed levels not being loaded.

– Improved Masteries code.


– Introducing Masteries. Powerup Mastery: Improves a selected powerup. More info from in-game tooltips.

Bug fixes & improvements:

– Fixed In-level Sidebar button press.

– Other backend bugs & code improvements.
New Features:

  • Added Team Deathmatch rounds/matches (5 min. with a 15 seconds of pause).
  • Added rounds/matches for Deathmatch mode. (This feature was there, but disabled in alpha-12)
Minor changes:

  • Updated Player animation sprite.
  • Sign In Menu fields will automatically focus on startup.
  • Added game Icon.
  • Added Level Editor shortcuts.
Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Added the missing hand from Horizontal climbing tiles. (Liana…etc.)
  • Fixed Skin Tone not showing while playing.
  • Fixed Achievements not showing in Main Menu.
  • Fixed a bug causing Apparel Boxes to not show up.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Apparel disappearing is now fixed.
  • Apparel is now showing currently equipped items instead of naked skin.
  • Fixed player sprite layering.
  • Fixed player animation in non-shooter modes.
  • Fixed a sprite bug causing level editor tiles to be invisible.
  • 5 other minor bug fixes.
Vanilla Squarelaxy had sprites highly inspired by Starbound, though we’ve modified them, we felt guilty and decided to draw them from scratch.

So Squarelaxy Unity will feature a new character design, but still a humanoid 🙂

Squarelaxy Player Sprite 2015
New features:

– Added Player Statistics.

– Added Achievements.

– Chat reply (Hotkey: R).

– Chat (Hotkey: Up arrow, Down arrow).

Minor changes:

– Version is now also shown in Log in menu.

Bug fixes & improvements:

– Fixed a bug with Invisibility.

– Chat whisper fixed.

– Level Editor eraser fix on Smart (metal, dirt.. etc.) tiles.

– Many minor bug fixes.