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  • Added User Levels
  • Added Leaderboards based on Level
  • Users can now like/dislike worlds
  • Mobs will now respawn from their spawners
  • Changed collider for Spikes & Embers
  • Changed Embers damage numbers
  • Updated icons for classes & class abilities
  • Added Discord Rich Presence
  • Fixed Braids spritesheet
  • Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added 2 new Character Classes
  • Changed Classes menu UI
  • New explosion animation
  • Changed Lightning Projectiles powerup icon
  • Changed Weapon tile sprite
  • Patrons page
  • Bug fixes & improvements

  • Active: Jump → Cost: 100 Stamina
  • Passive: Endurance → Increases stamina regeneration by 100%. Consume 50% less stamina
  • Health: 100, Shield: 100, Speed: 105%, Sprint Speed: 110%

  • Active: Berserk → Heal for 100% of the damage taken for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Passive: Rage → Increases damage, shooting speed and reload speed based on % health missing up to 2 times more. Lose 5% of current hp per second
  • Health: 200, Shield: 0, Speed: 1

  • Speed Boost powerup increased from 15% to 30%
  • Changed Trampoline's jump values
  • Damage of tiles increased from 100 to 200
  • Increased Rocket Launcher's spread when shooting multiple projectiles at once (Rocketeer ability)
  • Lazer balance changes:
    • Attack Speed: 0.7 to 0.5
    • Damage: 80 to 50
  • Bug fixes & improvements

As we said in December — 0.10 was going to be a movement rework and a tweak to the core mechanics. 5 months later we have the update ready. We know this was a long wait, but we think it was necessary. Expect next updates to arrive more often.

This update was mostly for the back-end but we also have some visible changes:

  • Reworked Player movement
    Added Stamina allowing players to Sprint (Shift key) for a 25% speed boost. Players will now accelerate faster. Jump got completely overhauled (Space key). Mini-jump is available while on top of a climbable tile (costs 50 Stamina points).
  • Networking overhaul for player movement, shooting & tiles
  • Reworked Mobs
    Mobs now work with spawners, allowing editors to change how many spawn from one tile (capped at 10)
  • New Mobs:
    • Orb of Lightning (Flying, very high speed, very high health)
    • Zombie (Walking, very low speed, very high health)
    • Spiky Turtle (Walking, low speed, high health)
    • Giant Bat (Flying, medium speed, low health)
    • Quadropus (Flying, medium speed, medium health)
    • Slime 2 (Walking, medium speed, medium health)
  • Mob changes:
    • Bat (Flying, medium speed, very low health)
    • Ghost (Flying, high speed, high health)
    • Slime (Walking, medium speed, medium health)
  • New Powerups:
    • Health Boost: Increases max health by 50% and adds 10% health regeneration for 10 seconds
    • Shield Boost: Increases max shield by 50% and adds 10% shield regeneration for 10 seconds
    • Stamina Boost: Increases max stamina by 50% and adds 10% stamina regeneration for 10 seconds
  • Powerup changes:
    • Renamed Sprint to Speed Boost
    • High Jump value increased from 16% to 30%
  • Players will now respawn with a Pistol
  • New Ability & Powerup icons
  • Bug fixes & improvements

This weekend we showcased Squarelaxy at the Games Gathering Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event exceeded our expectations - it’s unbelievable how much feedback we gathered during the last two days. Over the next few updates, we’ll try to prioritize and work on the most burning issues that people experienced while playing SQLX. 

In ver. 0.10 we plan to go a step back, rework our movement system and tweak the core mechanics. 
Stay tuned! We have a new benchmark to reach in 2020.
Squarelaxy at GamesGathering 2019

  • Weapons are now available in every game mode, shooting is now allowed inside the editor. Players cannot hurt each other in Adventure mode
  • Added a new tile type that has health and can be repaired by the players
  • Added a new tile type that forces players to discard their weapon on contact
  • Added 5 new hair styles
  • Doors can now be wired to any color, unwired doors will link with the same color while inside the editor
  • Added Show Wires Toggle inside the editor
  • Fixed a bug causing interactable tiles to desynchronize
  • Fixed projectile speed of rocket launcher and lazer weapons
  • Fixed a few decoration tiles being treated as static ones
  • Fixed scoreboard sometimes not displaying the player username
  • Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added 107 new tiles
  • New tile type: Portal, allows the players to teleport to another linked portal
  • New Doors that work as Portals but requires players to interact
  • Added tile categories in the editor palette
  • Added Invisible property in the editor, making the tile invisible during play mode (Currently only for Spawn and Semaphore tiles)
  • Added Variation property in the editor
  • Player position and checkpoint will be saved in the lobby
  • Changed Loading Screen
  • Fixed animation for Experience and Coin tiles
  • Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added sound effects for Mass Sleep, High Jump and interaction sounds for button and lever tiles
  • Pressure Button will now have OFF Delay and Decay as editable properties
  • Projectiles will now pass through Gate 2
  • New players and guests will now start with randomized apparel
  • Bug fixes and improvements

In this update, we are introducing character classes. They will consist of an active ability, a passive ability, and baseline stat changes. This feature will only be applied in Deathmatch mode.

  • Added 4 Character Classes
  • Added 5 new hair styles with 5 colors each & missing colors from existing ones
  • Every interactable tile [E] will now require a 0.2 seconds channeling time
  • Ice Projectiles stacks will now be refreshed when reapplied
  • Monsters' attack damage increased from 50 to 100
  • Added Finish tile to Adventure mode
  • Powerup sound effects changed
  • Fixed Match chat channels (/m)
  • Merged Sidebar Worlds & Editor buttons into Worlds button
  • Added Master & UI volume sliders in the Settings menu
  • A lot of other bug fixes & improvements

  • Assassin
    • Invisibility: Turn invisible for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 6 seconds
    • From the Shadows: Deal 100% bonus hit damage while invisible
    • Health: 50, Shield: 100, Speed: 105%
  • Rocketeer
    • Rocket Morph: Gain a buff for 2 seconds turning your projectiles into explosive ones, dealing 80 bonus damage. Rocket Launcher will instead shoot 3 projectiles per shot. Cooldown: 16 seconds
    • Blast Shield: Increase shield explosive damage resistance by 90%
    • Health: 100, Shield: 100, Speed: 100%
  • Gunslinger
    • Bullet Spray: Gain infinite projectiles and increase shooting speed by 100% for 1 second, instantly reload after it ends. Cooldown: 8 seconds
    • Quick Draw: Increase shooting speed by 30% and reload speed by 10%
    • Health: 100, Shield: 100, Speed: 100%
  • Warrior
    • Ignore Pain: Reduces health damage taken by 80% for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • Regenerative Shield: 200% of shield damage taken will now heal, increase shield regeneration speed by 5% per second
    • Health: 100, Shield: 120, Speed: 95%
  • Weapon balance changes
  • Doors now require a short channeling before teleporting (Player should not move in any way)
  • Improved Scoreboard (TAB), it now displays the world you are in and the match status
  • Fixed a bug that caused keys to be picked for every player
  • Fixed other player's weapons being slightly visible when they turn invisible
  • Fixed visually disappearing tiles
  • Fixed a bug causing resolution change to not apply properly
  • Fixed a bug causing worlds to get corrupted
  • A few other minor bug fixes & improvements

  • Blaster 
    • Damage increased from 25 to 60
  • Lazer 
    • Damage increased from 45 to 80
  • Pistol 
    • Damage increased from 30 to 50
  • Rifle 
    • Damage increased from 20 to 30