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Minor changes:

– Leaderboards are now sorting.

Bug fixes & improvements:

– /ping chat command fixed.

– Climbable exit fixed. (Ladder…etc.)

– Liana animation fixed.

– Level Editor picker now shows the correct Door/Key colors.

– Fixed a few errors.

Minor changes:

– Players climb faster. (from 1.7 up to 1.9)
– Players swim slower. (from 2.2 to 2)
– Sprint increases more movement speed. (from 20% to 30%)
– Magic Shield only loses charges when hit by a bullet. (Currently has 2 charges)
– Download screen changed.

Bug fixes & improvements:

– Magic Shield buff now removes itself at 0 charges.
– Doors fixed.
– Only 2 doors of the same color can be placed.
– Player no longer dies multiple times.
– Sliding on climbable tiles now works properly. (Ladder… etc.)
– Horizontal climbing animation fixed. (Liana…etc.)
– Fixed bullet layer sorting.
– Monsters no longer collide with corpses.
– Corpse colliders fixed.

First upload of Squarelaxy Unity.
Squarelaxy is big, a lot of planets aren’t created yet, also we still have lots of bugs here, so if you like playing with them, please join our alpha testing.