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New Features:

  • Added Team Deathmatch rounds/matches (5 min. with a 15 seconds of pause).
  • Added rounds/matches for Deathmatch mode. (This feature was there, but disabled in alpha-12)
Minor changes:

  • Updated Player animation sprite.
  • Sign In Menu fields will automatically focus on startup.
  • Added game Icon.
  • Added Level Editor shortcuts.
Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Added the missing hand from Horizontal climbing tiles. (Liana…etc.)
  • Fixed Skin Tone not showing while playing.
  • Fixed Achievements not showing in Main Menu.
  • Fixed a bug causing Apparel Boxes to not show up.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Apparel disappearing is now fixed.
  • Apparel is now showing currently equipped items instead of naked skin.
  • Fixed player sprite layering.
  • Fixed player animation in non-shooter modes.
  • Fixed a sprite bug causing level editor tiles to be invisible.
  • 5 other minor bug fixes.