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  • Player & Powerup balance changes (see below)
  • Elemental damage will now change the player's color shortly (Fire: red, Frost: teal, Lightning: blue, Poison: green, Corrosive: purple)
  • Editor: hold shift+alt to draw a line from the last tile. Works with the eraser too.
  • When respawning from a checkpoint - keys reset up to that point
  • Editors will have a small chance of receiving an item whenever someone gets an item in their world
  • Item drops will be announced for the entire match
  • Item drops from kills adjusted
  • Added 12 new droppable apparel items (2 Face Accessory, 10 Head Accessory)
  • Added droppable Black color apparel for Torso, Legs & Feet
  • Added droppable Wooden Spikes tile
  • Added item drop source information
  • Added online players counter in the sidebar
  • Added an asterisk badge to tiles with custom properties in the quick-switcher
  • Added VSync & Max FPS Settings
  • Added corpse_duration console command
  • Added direction variations for 11 decoration tiles
  • Updated sprites for Buffer & a Portal (portal_02)
  • Apparel & Palette will now instantly load
  • World Leaderboards now show only the best scores for each player. Plus, there's a tab to see all your scores for that world
  • Fixed a bug that caused wirable tiles to not reset their power
  • Fixed a bug that caused wires to not apply power
  • Fixed backgrounds for resolutions with height higher than 1200px
  • Bug fixes & improvements

  • Stamina
    • Regeneration: 8% to 10% per second
    • Regeneration after not using for 2 seconds: 50% per second

  • Mass Slow
    • New mechanic: Gradually slow down to 60%
    • Duration: 8 to 6 seconds
  • Mass Sleep
    • New mechanic: Gradually slow down to 0% over 2 seconds then sleep for 1 second
    • Duration: 2 to 3 seconds
  • Ice Projectiles
    • Added effect: 6 ticks that deal 5 frost damage to stamina per tick


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