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  • Added Background tiles
  • Added Surface & Insertable decoration tiles (e.g. you can place a coffee machine on a countertop)
  • Added a new Wirable tile: Buffer (If triggered, transmits all the power it has to the next wires)
  • 90 new Tiles (5 Base, 85 Droppable, 1 Legendary)
  • Increased drop chance for alpha players by 10x
  • Editors can now have Favorite tiles in the palette (Ctrl+Click | Cmd+Click on macOS)
  • Tile & Eraser tool will no longer skip tiles when quickly moving mouse (Bresenham's line algorithm)
  • Tile & Eraser tool: Added shift+drag for rectangle fill
  • Tile & Fill tool: Scroll wheel will change selected tile variation/rotation
  • Tile & Fill tool: Properties will now have a Reset button
  • Move tool double click will now select all linked tiles
  • Restart button will now always be available inside the editor, it will reset all mobs & world time
  • Players can now zoom in and out at any time (Alt+Scroll)
  • Player's Jump Force: 10 → 10.2
  • Semaphore will now have Time Offset property
  • Changed Cursor sprite
  • Quick Tiles will now be saved into the local draft
  • Changed colored Door's triggered sprite
  • Stephen the Great will no longer be a base tile (Legendary Drop Chance: 0.1%)
  • Removed both Big Hay Carts (2x2 ones)
  • Fixed & improved wires
  • Fixed local draft not applying player position
  • Fixed World saving freezing the client for a few frames
  • Fixed a bug causing pickup tiles to not be picked up on clients visually
  • Fixed harmful tiles (like lava) sometimes not dealing any damage
  • Fixed scrolling on Windows & Linux being too slow
  • Fixed an issue causing clients to allocate a lot more memory than required
  • Bug fixes & improvements
A video preview of the update: