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0.12 is going to be focused on the World Editor. We decided to split it into smaller updates so that the players don't have to wait too long for a new version. So, expect more Editor stuff in 0.12.1

  • Lots of World Editor performance improvements
  • Fill Tool was improved and now fills empty tiles as well
  • Move Tool - scroll wheel will change selected tile variation/rotation
  • World Editor now has a quick switcher for recently used tiles with numeric keys shortcuts
  • Tile Tool & Fill Tool - right click will open tile preferences, so you can edit tile properties before placing them
  • Semaphores can now be turned gradually on/off
  • Barricades are now rotatable
  • World Editor: Restart button now removes the weapon if it's not a deathmatch
  • Restart will now reset keys & lock the doors
  • Experience & Coin spawn algorithm improved
  • Runner Leaderboards UI tweaks
  • Added 2 new music tracks for runner mode
  • Fixed Platform collision
  • Slime mob was redesigned
  • Hitting enter on an empty chat input will now close the chat
  • Text input field improvements
  • Minor inventory tweaks
  • Bug fixes & improvements