Runner mode leaderboards

Started by devjah


Hello there!

If you are familiar with Squarelaxy's runner mode, you know that there's a leaderboard for each world, that stores everyone's finish time.

It’s all fine and dandy until the world gets edited and the world gets harder, e.g. it used to be finishable in 1 minute - now it takes 2 minutes

So, a logical step would be to reset the leaderboards after a world is edited. But this is a double-edged sword: what if the edit didn't influence the difficulty of the world? Resetting everyone's scores would be unfair & frustrating if the edit was cosmetic.

Creating a complex ruleset or AI that checks if the difficulty was changed is not a solution.

Let's try to brainstorm on how we can solve this dilemma.

One idea is to display old scores separately until enough new scores are registered and replace the old ones. But I feel like this is not good enough.

Another idea is to allow world creators to reset scores. Mixed feelings about this one too.