New Gamemodes

Started by Azsimuth

Level 4


I think new game modes are already planned, but in case not, i am suggesting team deathwatch, and capture the flag. As well as the ability to change what game mode the map is in. These two are self explanatory, but i also have idea for a race game mode, where 2 teams race to see which team can complete the race first. Of course. Basically a competitive adventure. What do you think?


I’m really glad someone actually started with a suggestion on this forum. So thank you @Azsimuth!

Not sure if you know about this, but Squarelaxy started its journey back in 2013 as a flash game, which basically had all these game modes: Racing(Runner), Team Deathmatch, Hold the Flag, King of the Hill.

Deathmatch was the most popular so we decided the remake will start with this game mode.

We'll start adding new modes soon and the Runner will be next.

Modes like Team Deathmatch require a lot more players, so we'll add them as soon as we have enough of a player base.